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Why TraderDock?

A Paradigm Shift in Recruiting Trading Talent


Our 2-Stage Trading Challenge and risk rule framework has been fostered from the rock-solid risk management and nurturing training environment that Positive Equity have used successfully for decades. 

Performance-Based Real-Time Trading Challenge

Stage 2 of our Challenge has a profit target range that awards better performance with a more powerful live trading account upon graduation to live trading.

No Virtual-signalling

Your live trading will be backed as per our Live Scaling Plan from a pool of company capital. Virtual balance signaling is misleading. Your live trading account balance will start at zero. No BS.

Professional-Grade Trading Software 

Solid risk management begins with a robust and trusted trading software, making the new web-based TT platform the professionals choice. The power to bring your trading to pro-standard.

Stats Used by Prop Trading Firms

The TraderDock Dashboard offers daily trading stats used by pro-trading firms so that you can keep pace with the industry's best. Plan, trade and review your way to trading success. 

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